Thursday, January 17, 2008


it's over.


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hermes said...

gracias por toda la música tan maravillosa que nos han brindado.

icaro-azul said...


muchas gracias,
morimos de pie juntos

Anonymous said...

you will be missed

Anonymous said...

It was the most useful and good блог. Thanks

Video2000 said...

thanks for everything. you guys are great. i've only been reading this blog for a couple of weeks, and i have discovered so much new music.

best wishes

::MaRCe said...

so sad

Rest In Peace


Anonymous said...

Thanks you very much for everything...

Greenspan said...

i feel like ive lost a good friend :( your site has kept me company for many hours

RIP nodatta, thank you xx

Mique Marchant said...


Nodatta fue gran compañía.


ojalá resucite!!

f*ck da police!

Anonymous said...

I owe you guys so much. When I discovered your blog my world turned around. Thanks for putting me where I am. I will always remember you.

Anonymous said...

What a loss, thanks for the great music!

Anonymous said...

thanks so much for everything! you were an insatiable source of inspiration and generosity.

fuck the assholes, i hope you're not in trouble.

Anonymous said...

This is awful. The amount of new music I have been introduced to and bought due to this blog...

Thanks so much for it all.
I hope you will be back soon


Marianela said...

desde caracas.


baby come back!

adik said...

omfwtf!! lollloollololooollo
kill the mall!
com bak plz

TweeGlitch said...

See you some place else soon I hope.

Oh, hello Jaxxon.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the music
FUCK RIAA mothers

Anonymous said...

A truly sad day. Your blog was part of my daily routine, like brushing my teeth or taking a leak...

Please find a way of resurrecting your site...

And on a Friday to boot...

There is no God...

sirako said...

maldita riaa. chales. bueno, pues estamos viéndonos por aquí saludos a todo el equipo, sobre todo a ALidita, me encantan sus discos. :(

Anonymous said...

fuckkk, this is outrageous
when robinhoodofindiemusik got closed i was like "at least nodatta's still there" and now this
you were always my favourite :|

Anonymous said...

great intro to loadsa of artist - you and robin hood in one week - what a shame!!!
come back soon you guys xox

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the great music.

I've discovered loads of bands through downloading from this site, and it has meant that i have bought cd's that i otherwise might not have known about.

Its shit that you've been shut down. This was my favourite blog site. So thank you for all the hard work you must have put in to maintain it.

Pablo said...

Muito triste isso. E agora, o que faremos?? Estamos órfãos.

Thanks for the great music and for the good work.

Anonymous said...

I don't give a flying fuck about the mars volta, and even less so if they were the reson for you guys shutting down. I've only been coming here for a few months, and to tell the truth, not everything is to my taste, but i love being exposed to new things, so it workd out really well. Anyway, keep up the good fight, and don't let those bastards get you down!

Hakim said...

U made a great work Nelson, really.
Nodatta was giving me every 3 days smile and was exciting my ears.

Really, thank you for your work, and for all the other coworkers. :)

Why not just posting a album list to listen now ?

Anonymous said...

i love you

Anonymous said...

no no no.......fuck....thanx for the great stuff and work.......

Anonymous said...

your blog was the best way to discover new music...

Mauricio said...

thanx bro for all the great music you post. Un abrazo desde México.

Anonymous said...

it was the n.º 1 musical blog for me. See you one of these days...

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

<3 thanks for all the great music

Anonymous said...


worst news ever!

i love you guys.
you will be missed.

come back SOON

Anonymous said...

Terrible news, what a shame. I only discovered this blog several weeks ago and already have discovered many new upcoming fantastic artists thanks to your contribution to music sharing!
Hope to see you guys back online sometime in the near future!!

Anonymous said...

nodatta was my favorite music blog
it was great while it lasted


Anonymous said...

Sad really.

Anyways is up yet ;)

gu said...

this is where i found new music and got my poseur good taste from.
o noes!

red said...

Cheers for all the great music!! We await your return faithfully. Love you and the music of course!

S_ said...

Thanks for everything,this was one of my favorite blogs.

brera said...

what a shame...

MarcosMX said...

gracias a todos los que colaboraron aquí

pude descubrir mucha música,
un saludo

eldeabajo said...

you were uniqoue...just thanx

AT said...

Thanks for all the good music you offered us!! You were and still are great!

Nodatta rules!

jack said...

sad sad sad day.

Johhan said...

"Remember all the big changes in history and in the world begin in a small tiny groups of peoples never in big masses" salute guys from La Pampa Argentina Kisses and Hugs

Anonymous said...

you deserved thisSSSS, you should learn not to posttttttttt music before its release!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Que el dia de los inocentes es el 28 de Diciembre!!! T__T

Llenaran de música el cielo...

Espero que volvais.. si no.. HASTA SIEMPRE Y MIL GRACIAS!!

PALETA said...

no one blog like urs =(

come back!

Alejandrama said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

I'm about to cry man... Thanks for all the hardwork and DAMN GREAT music. And btw, FUCK THE RIAA

Anonymous said...

puta madre!!! noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo gracias por todos los discos! gracias!

postparanoid said...

what a pitty! you guys were really great, had one of the most interesting blogs around. don't give up!

Kevin said...

I love you.

Carlo said...

you was one of my hopes in this incomprehensible days... but will always be a new hope on music... and this will born from the musical free souls...

thank you my friends and see you in the next battle... our battle with guitars, drumsticks, etc., like our weapons!

supermercadö said...

thanx a lot for...well, no need to say. Keep your ears open, keep ours alive..

Pedro said...

que bajon, fuerza y gracias por toda esa música

waheu said...

there was a bunch of good electro and rock in this place.
I'm sad.

Lauuuuren said...

Fuck the motherfucking RIAA.

aseedi said...


joshua_K said...

I´ve been checking this site with huge enthusiasm...

Thanks for extraordinary inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks

Ruiseñor said...

"El que alguna vez estuvo
nunca va a faltar."
Thank you very much for the music.

Anonymous said...

"El que alguna vez estuvo nunca va a faltar"

Thank you very much for the music.

Asventuras said...

I will allways remember on this side with a very famous fealing! Thank you guys for the beatiful music, this side has changed me much!


Anonymous said...

chale!!!! la mejor pagina de la Web se acabo??? no puedo creerlo!!! ahroa de donde bajer musica chida!!!

Anonymous said...

come back! pls! I can't imagine my world without you :'(

Anonymous said...

buhu, you rocked :(

Anonymous said...

Gottseidank daß endlich Schluss ist! Nun kann man den Computer endlich mal aus lassen und nicht immer nur laden laden laden laden laden ...!

Anonymous said...

the fuck?
why every time you find a good blog..
the shit eventually dies off?! shit is annoying.
like 5 good blogs closed before the year opened.

then they leave you with that, "we'll be back"
bullshit, and they actually NEVER come back.
and they never leave you with an archive.


just a simple question..
why don't they EVER leave an archive?!

Anonymous said...

tks for all !

Anonymous said...

por dios por que!!!!
de todas maneras gracias por la musica que nos hiciste conocer,
pero de todas maneras toy apenado me fui de viaje y vaya que sorpresota. :(

k said...

much appreciation from a me. there is no loss, we all gained a lot from your blog. your blog lives in our hearts and ears. cheers mate

Anonymous said...

Will be missed

Anonymous said...

I'm so sad about it...
Thanks for everything!

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Anonymous said...

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